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Can You Tell Me
Band: Tim Tully
Genre: Pop Punk

Anthem for the kids
Cool production and drum beats. I like the singer already. Nice melodies. Fat guitars goin! I always like tom verses. Nice anthemic chorus! Nice and bratty sounding. I could see this doing well with the warped tour crowd. Kinda reminds me of Good Charlotte & Sum 41.
- eversogood from Orange, California
Good solid intro gets right in there.

The change on the guitar just after the vocal comes in works very well

Well recorded, good balance of sounds.

I liked the backing vocal it added a lot.

Well written and performed I enjoyed this track.

The song got on with it which I like and kept my interest.
- Bopeep from London, United Kingdom
Sounds like a kind of 50's pop song via Blink 182 or something. Nice idea. Check out a band from a while ago called Digger (if you havent already) for something similar.

Great sounding track as well.
- Mansionsofglory from United Kingdom
bem legal o som
punk balad AUHauhahua
legal a proposta musikal dos cara
desejo sorte ae pra banda
- puzzlesuperfly from Brazil
pop or punk?
sound like any punkband to me,
could be more catchy, sounds like song for children to me,
but i think it makes fun to play this
- ginginman from Germany
jump around
nice groove. it got me interested. lyrics were pretty good. liked the melody. guitar and drums fit well together.
- erinelizabeth from Brentwood, California
fast yet slow
the drum beat was quite upbeat, but the guitars were quite slow and simple, the song reminds me of old good charlotte kinda stuff, it's a good sounding deal, good harmonies.
- piercedgarage from Beloit, Wisconsin
the guitars are alright... the vocals are decent... could use some work on the chorus... but yeah alright i get it
- Mepps from Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Wow intro was great. I like everyhthing about this song, solid drums, solid guitar(like the solo about 2 minutes in), solid singer. Great song guys.
- ejscanl from Whitethorne, Virginia
Great sound
The energy is awesone. i like the way the song is just loud enough to be heard. the vocals are very good. the Idea for what you are going for is definantly there.
a very very good song
- Noless32 from Concord, California
this song is very melodic. It's a bit un-original since the genre calls for it, but I think it's a successful soung. Guitar solo has to improve, good vocals.
- Robert_Delirio from Unspecified
can you tell me!
Pop punk in fine form with a great chorus that will knock your socks off. This song is catchy and easy to sing along to. Fantastic drummer on this track good tempo!
- dudleydawson from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Song seems really catchy. The guitars sounds really good. The drummer sounds tight and right on time. The vocalist is probably my favorite thing. Very cool backing vocals in the chorus, they compliment the lead singer well. Drummer makes nice transitions at the right places. I think the bass player gets his job done as well. I would like to her the song with a second guitar filling it up a little more....I sorta hear a lead guitar here and there, maybe just crank it up in the mix a little?
- darbyantle from Hebron, Ohio
catchy tune
good ensemble playing...good production...tight band...not a bad thing to say about this. keep at it.
- jimmythecreep from Port Huron, Michigan
A popsong that doesn't move me.
Just some bubblegum to consume and throw away in the same moment you've heard it.
Heard too many of these.
Good sound though and the band plays allright.
- joey_ra from Stockholm, Sweden
Like it
I think this song is really good all in all. The vocals are a little weak for me...Like with range and everything. The melody is great and the vibe and energy in the song is awesome. The harmonies work well with each other. Great song though...Good work
- thekrunkbuckler from Lemont, Illinois
Old Pop-Punk is fun, but not right now.
It starts off really catchy, and fun. With a lot of Pop-Punk bands coming back from the grave, Pop-Punk is looking up, but old-pop punk is what sets back the genre. The song is fairly simple, with a few cool guitar setting hits, but nothing important. The solo is a bit awkward, because it feels like a filler. I really don't enjoy the vocals, mainly because I love a singer with balls, not nostrils. Singing through the nose is what sets Pop-Punk back to Tom Delonge days, and I am done with that.
- Jasonh2n from Austin, Texas
i like songs that stick as close to 3 min as possible, lol. Bowling for soup says 'woo!', not bad to be compared to, they're talented. always nice to hear po-punk with more of a 50's feel to it. the backup vocals do that. interesting choice on the lead guitar, give it ALOT more treble so it cuts strrrraight through the mix, and grabs the balls, good drummer, nice fills, good ending
- RawkWkop from Long Beach, California
pop punk
good melodic feel to open the song. very blink 182 sounding vocals. good production and overall feel. very sing-a-long like chorus. guitars and drums pumping, but need to turn up the bass. good overall feel to the song, could do well on the radio
- switchbladecomb from Jefferson, Louisiana
Hey this is a good song. I really like it. Good vocals. Nice Backup vocals also. The intro hooked me. You need a better recording. Guitar is awsome. The bass sounds right on beat with the drums.
- muffin_man232 from Oceanside, California
The intro sounds really nice. I like the snare rolls. The music reminds me of The Trash Brats. I get a Nerf Herder Vibe also. The drums do a nice job of mixing the song up. If it werent for the various beats the song would sound like the same thing over and over. Song makes me wanna tap my foot. The guitar solo could sound better. Maybe try something a little simpler.
- thenukedaddies from Unspecified
It's an average track for me.Everything is there,guitars and drums,hook.The vocalist is a little whiny,maybe some more aggression?Otherwise the gats don't really suit it.I think the song structure needs to change a bit earlier....
- The_Chains from New Zealand
Good harmonies, nice mix.
Too many changes, the rhythm guitar seems to change course according to the vocalist. I hear some pretty good vocal harmonies, it sounds as if the drums are led astray by the erratic behavior of the rhythm guitar. The rhyme scheme is a bit simplistic even for a pop punk song. I like to hear more from this band though.
Good Luck.
- Bellow from Barre, Massachusetts
The production on this tune is pretty good. Everything is well defined and clear with a good mix.
Pretty typical pop punk, but I guess that's the genre I'm in so... Everything is well played for the style.
- intervalkid from Oak Island, North Carolina
It's Pop Punk
I like the recording. It's punchy and "alive." The singing is serviceable. It has a touch of punk sass but the lyrics do not serve it too well. I like the added background harmonies. Here comes the guitar ride. It's a little raunchy and has that basement flavor. That's good. High spot: intro and groove. Low spot: lyrics.
- daddydoodle from Durham, North Carolina
this song really reminds me of locale am for some reason... i think it's the harmonies, and the lead singer's voice. definitely not a bad thing.

was this song on a demo? it sounds a little bit like it. a well-produced piece for a demo, but not quite up to professional grade. the middle tom on the drumset sound a little ringy, maybe in recording you could slap a couple pieces of moon gel on it? also in the mix the bass really dropped out, i could barely hear it.

overall i liked the song. it sounds like a good song, with a solid performance, just recorded with basic equipment. that's fine, you have to start somewhere. and you guys got a damn good start.
- crazykayaker181 from Kensington, California
A song I can actually tap my head and feet too. The guitar is relatively straight forward and repetitve and it really works for this song. The drummer is tight and I like the background vocals and harmonizing. I really like the change around the 2 min. mark. The guitar solo is ok, but I really just like the music and vocals. I've been shocked at some of the rankings of these songs after reviewing them. This is clearly better than any of them, so I hope your score reflects that. I definitely liked this song, so nice work fellas.
- Saints from San Francisco, California
melodic and moody song.
This is totally pop punk,no doubt of it,really.full of melodic and nice song to get notice by recording company.solo guitar also have a great sound.The vocalist remind me of 'yellowcard' vocalist and this song have a meaningful this song.produce much more songs guys..let me know if you have some brand new songs..
- Parasouls from Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
The chorus...
is made for the charts definetely. Modern mainstream punk in the spirit of Green Day.
If that's what you aimed for, this is good. The production can perhaps be improved a bit but it'll do. The one thing I really miss is the bass guitar. I can barrly hear it! Turn it up!
Vocals are as to expect in this kind of music. Good work!
- Bubben from Stockholm, Sweden
very punk!
cool punk rhythm, with decent lyrics and a very catchy melody. punchy guitars compliment the track. i like the solo, which is melodious and not meaningless shred.
- Heshan from Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Catchy melody for a moody melancholic track
The best of this song is the power and the catchy rythm and melody than involves every chord. The backing vocals are great, very well arranged and composed. The singer sings properly and his voice fits with the song but maybe I would have tried to give him a louder tune and a ripped voice.
The drums have a wonderfull arrangement and the guitars are correct too. The sound of the guitars catches you and the bass is on tune too.
- thejolt from Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain
Can you say talent?
Wow, I was definetly impressed with this track. From beginning to end, it sound professional in every aspect. It's a great recording and the production is well done. The intro is explosive and pushes the whole song to near perfection. The vocals are impressive and unique. Congratulations on creating one of the best tracks I've heard on here!
- secondpicture from North Charleston, South Carolina
pretty good
Liked the production of this one. Vocals seemed off every now and then. But all in all very nice. Like the break at 2:05 nice guitar playing
- ValetParking from East Meadow, New York
nice beat
I think the background vocals could come up a little
I like the song overall
It has a nice beat
I really like the half time
I could have done with out the guitar solo
- leFt_oveR from Ronan, Montana
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