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Dream About You [play]
Band: Tim Tully
Genre: Pop Punk

this is friggin sweet. i totally dig the lyrics.

brilliant recording, very well done. everything's perfect about this track! well done.
- jmansband from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on 15Mar2009
It's just not fair.
Yesterday, I drove my big smelly diesel truck over to my buddys motorcycle shop, filled an old rusty oil drum with gasoline soaked rags and my musical catalog, lit the whole bunch on fire, and watched the sun set over what used to be the GM plant. It was kind of sad, but liberating. And it was all Tim Tully's fault!

Great googa mooga, can this guy write a song. His sound is so original, well thought out, and presented that it's like having someone smother you with cherry cotton candy. You're lungs are burning and you're loosing consciousness, but it's such a sweet cloud of pillowy wonder that you forget all the bad in the world and just give in to the joy.

A lesser man might be petty and hate Mr. Tully for making such great music look and feel so easy. A greater man would sign Mr. Tully to a recording contract and publishing deal. The guy's a song writing machine. I am not certain about this, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that Mr. Tully rises in the morning from his usual great nights sleep, and already has four new and perfectly developed songs ready to go.

As for this latest gem, well, let's just say he did it again. Great hook. Great melody. Great performance. There is just layer upon layer of guitars and vocals that I find it hard to believe this is just one guy. Perhaps he, in his spare time off from writing some of the best pop punk songs you'll have the priviledge to hear, has also discovered the secret to human cloning? I imagine him siting in a basement studio somewhere, with five identicle reproductions of himself, discussing and performing, and agreeing with himself(s) that this is what great music should be and sound like. By the way, the fifth clone would be the engineer.

What you have here is just pure, raw talent. Talent that is leagues above and beyond any other artists that I have heard on this site. Keep the hits coming! I'm adding this to my playlist, and will be forcing my friends to listen. If they don't like it, I can always find more friends. Good music, no, great music, is much more valuable and rewarding.
- MCG650 from Baltimore, Maryland on 13Mar2009
Nice 60's garage feel with the big downbeat chorus. Fun song overall. Rhythm guitar is a little hot during the short solo section. Wait...I'm now singing along. I really like the energy and almost can envision this as a sitcom theme song. I wish the vocal harmonies were a little richer and more prominent. Otherwise, no problems here. Good song.
- 50lbHead from Tallahassee, Florida on 13Mar2009
I don't care either...
when i dream i dream about songs written like this... solid... great vocals... good guitars... let me listen again... nice... i love the guitar tones... solo kinda lame though...
- cunex2sday from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
nofx, yes effects
right from the getgo, i like tones and effects...solid production sound guys! drums are a bit sporadic, but it fits within the style of this genre. vocals are good for punk, but the lyrics are a bit contrived. i like the handclaps during the second verse, and the half-time chorus is a nice change-up. vocalist reminds me NOFX...shich is a really good thing. tasteful solo, but maybe a bridge with different chord structure might spice up the continuity for this tune. great job tho...highly sellable track!
- artyds from New Brunswick, New Jersey
poppy 90's feeling
nice poppy punk song i like the harmonies and stuff. has a good happy feel to it i like it.
- jazzflap from Kingston, Pennsylvania
It's Good Pop Punk
Yea this is the kinda song you wanna hear when you think pop punk.The beat was good.Melody was catchy as were the lyrics.The vocals sounded like the average punk band..but isnt that what you want when it somes to punk?This is punk ..just that simple
- Jcbreadus from Land Of Oz, Kansas
Rad intro, reminds me of Andrew w.k! vocals are abit too winey, instruments are ok and back ups lack abit of power! overall an average pop punk song, needs better arrangement. has potential, needs a better hook.
- powdermunki2000 from Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa
Nice poppy indie song
I like the way the song starts out exciting. Then it takes an unexpected twist by playing a cleaner sound during the verse. The chorus is all happy and there is nice layering with the the guitars and vocals and harmonies. The break down and bridge is not bad. The vocals are spotty in a couple places, but overall good.
- RudeKing from Chicago, Illinois
Can't think of a headline
It's a little catchy number. The guitars are pretty much straight forward, simple. The guitar solo is quite simple as well. But simplicity is not always bad. With this song it fits perfectly. Please don't take this completely badly but the song is a little cut and paste in its arrangement. Nothing really stood out. The chorus was catchy, but it has been done before. But what can I say everything's been done before, and you guys do it better than most of the other bands that I've heard. Drumming does a good job I like the intro rhythm and the hand claps add a level of light heartedness. Drum fills are adequate, but the change up into the second chorus is a little strange. But the drummer does good stuff and just doesn't sit there playing some hi hat snare beat. It picks up at the end. Bass is nowhere to be found. I think it was just following along so I couldn't hear it unerneath everything else. Make the song your own, bass player. Add some stuff so people can say "did you hear that bass player? He did some good stuff." Now vocals you've got melody and precision with pitch. By far the vocals take the song with it's sing along chorus melody. You guys do all right.
- bandelasd from Baldwin Park, California
I really like the hook in this song...the beat is great it makes me want to dance...the lyrics and the vocals sound good...the balance could be a little better
- heyupunk740 from Galveston, Texas
very catchy. nice harmonies. everything fits perfectly together. first song on here that i would listen to again.
- flamingspatulas from Narragansett, Rhode Island
stating off is pretty good....voice is good but I dont think this style of music is your is ok not as punk as I like to hear....
- LinusX from Atlanta/Now Portland Or., Georgia
Catchy as love
I really enjoy the happy opening. It makes me want to bob my head, and feel lovely. The vocals aren't exactly what I would listen to, but I still enjoy it. When the lead singer says ", When I dream about you," he somehow makes the harmonies sound awkward and wierd. Overall good stuff.
- Jasonh2n from Austin, Texas
"skies turn blue from another shade of gray"- i like this line, but did you get it from MXPX. you guys sound great. only problem is there could be a little more energy in the song, however, all the instruments sound good. the outro is cool. new lyrics and all, then back to the main line "when i dream about you" nice song.
- secondpicture from North Charleston, South Carolina
go listen to the ziggens, you'd love em. I dont mind this track at all. the vocals need to be pushed back a little, the singer has an 'in yo face' character, lower in the mix will do magic for it. aquabats come to mind too, must be the back ups, nice ending, i really dig that.
- RawkWkop from Long Beach, California
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