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Band: Tim Tully
Genre: Power Pop

Are we solo?
Stand up, strap on and sing man. And so he does. An Oasis feel to this songs structure. The band kicks into gear and it feel.....right for what is happening. The rhythm guitar could be toned down a bit...a litte heavier than the feel of the song. The harmonies are good, strong and appropriate. I'd like to see this band pull this off would sound really good. Effective writing and probably could be tweeked to sweeten the sounds more, but overall a good offering. Best of luck.
- BCPriest from Tucson, Arizona

Sounds like Great
A track full of great feelings. Well mixed! the recordings a bit raw but you know this makes it sound so much more intresting for me so well done on a great tune. Great vocals
-Caldertree_1 from United Kingdom

Catchy changes - great harmonies.
The change when the rest of the band comes in is really cool. At first The vocals seemed too hot. But the vocals are in tune and nicely supported. All in all I think the song just lacks a solo (maybe guitar or synth) I kept hearing one in my head when I was listening to this song.
- Fiesty from Colonia, New Jersey

There is also one thing that brings me down too, I like the chorus and I like how it builds up from the beginning. A little Ben Folds harmonies.
- euphoric4444 from Bellingham, Washington
Gimmie some mo'
The only thing that I can say about this song is that it is what it is. An extreme vocal performance, pop lyrics, and catchy guitar riffs. Even though it's pop music i still look for new and original elements just to make the production process challenging. Good effort here but Go deeper next time.
- mayberrymanager from Atlanta, Georgia
when greenday meets the beatles...sorta
Seriously. This is an interesting amalgam of influences...i like the greenday punk attitude. i like the early beatle-esque melody of the chorus. As far as production, things could be a little tighter. Vocals are a touch pitchy...but who cares works as is.
- RubberBiscuit from New York
tune your guitar it sounds better
better then all the songs i have heard on this site so far not to bad keep trying
- KillTheCat from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Green Day strikes again!
This song reminds me a lot of greenday (the band),the singer,especially on the intro..Nice intro by the way.
The melody needs some work though,because it continues to be the same before and after the intro and it doesn't change much on the refrain (chorus). Production sounds pretty good and descend,nothing superWOW,but a normal-sounding recording that could easily stick out (you don't need something more in my opinion on the production).
Vocals needs a little work because the singer is a little off here and there in some small parts that in a live perfomance would be great and super (no one would notice) but in the recording the fact that you can do it again and again gives you the advantage (and requirement) at the same time that vocals must not loose their consistency..but hey,if thats your style eliminate the last comment..
Overall nice song drom a band with some potential..
- Violet_band from Athens, Greece
this song makes me "Happy"
a fine example of joyous pop-punk power.I LOVED IT.A simple raw guitar intro,heartfelt "live from the garage" lead vocal,and then these big rawkin' drums and guitars bust the
door down.The guitar chord progression was a step up from the usual thing heard,melodic and tight.Good harmony vocals too.The lead guitarist in me would have played a brief solo in there somewhere but don't sweat it,it's fine without one.20 years from now this song will be featured in a "NUGGETTS" box set.Rock on guys.
- harrygore from Richmond, Virginia
This is dangerously okay music...
... you know why? Because it's dangerously easy to make songs that are just ok, nothing too shiny. For example, one wouldn't remember this particular song for too long time after a single listening.

If you make power pop, the melody should be always hooky enough to hit right away - this song slightly manages NOT to hit that level, unfortunately.

But don't worry, if you have listeners who keep on rotating this track a couple of times - they will get hooked for sure! You know why? Because of the following three points - the three key strenghts of this song:

(1) The start of the song at 0:38 is so brilliant - after a solo intro, the great melody kicks in with the whole band, and with those fantastic harmonies!! Sounds so good! This trick is an old one in power pop, and in any guitar-driven music. But it always works!

(2) The harmony Oo-oo-oo's in last verse! It sounds like you get more and more harmonies all the time! I love them!!

(3) You stop when it's not too late! Short songs are always better than long songs, 2:35 is a great lenght for a pop song! Great!
- O_K from London/Uk Ylivieska/Finland, Finland
the singer sounds very animated from the beginning in this midtempo "power pop" song. whiny, silly vocal that you will embrace or hate. the song sounds like a weaker version of blink 182 or bowling for soup. traditional power chord progression- everyone else following by the numbers. your basic guitar, bass and drum set up that is doing nothing special at all. generic.
- mudelle from Brooklyn, New York
I REALY want to meat this singer his voice is sooow amasing
- Dixie_didden from Belgium
Good, but needs some work
Sound very simular to Green Day. Vocals get off key a little through out the song. The mix is pretty good. You got a good guitar sound and all the instruments fit together well, but the vocals need some work.
- Super_Heromusic from Layton, Utah
not bad att all. i like the vocals and the guitars.. so moody and this band can be a great power pop artist
- drop_in_69 from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Good Feel
I like the mood of this song. The vocal intonation is off at a couple parts but they are still good. The song has a good hook and nice guitar sound. This reminds me of weezer which is a really good thing.
- bradlebakken from Unspecified
I like the way you dip in and out of key with the guitar work, the vocals suffer a little for that though.

The song has teeth, its got a nice groove.

The productions a little muddy and i think with a good producer messing with the vocals this could be really sweet.

Nice catchy song.
- hustlerband from London, United Kingdom
I like the guitar. Vocals could use some cleaning up. Keep working on it, has very much potential.
- truth_betold from North Merrick, New York
Very reminiscent of Green Day(and many other American power pop/punk bands).

I`ll admit from the outset that this isn`t one of my favourite types of music so it`s difficult to give an objective review.

The vocals are ok without being anything outstanding.

The lone guitar sounds a bit out of tune in places but that doesn`t detract too much from the overall feel.

When the rest of the band comes in the whole thing rocks along quite well. The chorus is reasonably catchy with a decent hook. I can imagine the song going down well live.

Lyrically it`s a bit corny and cliched and doesn`t say anything new but then again, not many songs do.

Overall, ok but not my cup of tea.
- andyjack from London, United Kingdom
I like the beginning guitar groove... I'm getting a bit of a old school punk feel from the vox. I find this song to be very original. Good love song rock anthem! I can hear this song on some sort of alternative rock station. I'm getting a Weezer vibe. catchy. nice job! cheers
- mikastasio from Astoria, New York
A bit more work guys...
The song is catchy...It needs to have more dynamics and play with the harmonies more as far as the vocals. Background vox are good. Production quality is good.
- Sadalites from San Antonio, Texas
very poppy
good pitch for the vocalist. good harmonies, yet very common in power pop. great transition from intro to heavier part. cool pauses. good drummer. the lyrics are a bit to emo for me. keep up the good work. and great recording quality
- thefollowers2004 from Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania
Laguna Beach
Well, right off the bat, I can tell you that the Laguna Beach crowd will love this song. It's got that gushy, sappy, punk feel to it.

That being said, it doesn't sound any different from anything out there on the radio right now, so if the band was trying to be formulaic, then they have achieved that.

THAT being said....the singer has great vocal ability. He's in key, on top of his notes, and sings with feeling.

The band played well, guitars are the focal point. Again, nothing that I haven't already heard, but I can hear this on the radio.
- SexyCherri from Baltimore, Maryland
lyrics are cliche, but damn the vocals are great! needs a better recording and mix..well put together and arranged. while i am not a big fan of the lyrics, they are pretty catchy and memorable in the hook, not bad. good harmonies, really make the song better.
- dodgingAugust from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Indie pop wondercream!!
Great guitar sounds. Irritating song structure and vocals but great big gobs of guitar make it all compelling in the end I suppose.
- louisbanthony from Oakland, California
i like the track, it does sound like a cover, maybe something from the sixties like the monkeys,
it cool i think if you took a different take it would be just smooth! but that's my take on it and who am i?
- livinwithjack from Mount Juliet, Tennessee
This song makes me happy
Very good melody. That strong rhythm guitar creates a good hard rock mood.The singer put a lot of emotion into this uptempo rock love ballad. The music reminds me of Green Day. The vocalist is excellant and sounds a little like Al Yankovic but the emotional lyrics makes the audience take the song very seriously.
- tjmichael from Chicago, Illinois

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