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About You
Review of "About You" by vurbalassassins 3.5
About You
I like it!! It sounds like somthin' that should be on a TV show...
Illinois, United States
Review of "About You" by strandedairwaves 5.0
About You
Reminds me of goldfinger sounds very garage punky love it i like how simple it is the acoustic is perfect and when that electric guitar comes in it gives new life to the song i like the lyrics they are perfectly fit to the song

i would love to gig with you sometime if your ever in Ontario let me know
Ontario, Canada
Review of "About You" by tykanelson 3.5
Real Good!!
I could really hear this one on a Disney movie soundtrack - I enjoyed the lyrics and the upbeat way the song swung along - Great JOB!
Minnesota, United States
Review of "About You" by timberwolf 3.5
Review of "About You" by TIMBERWOLF
Overall the song has a "nice appeal" in vocals, lyrics, and melody. {A little bit "A-Typical" of the genre} but spicy enough to stand out in places.

With the right promotion should get some radio airplay.

Keep on rockin!

Southern New Mexico/USA
Alabama, United States
Review of "About You" by rebelelementsnopity 3.0
about you
it's cool
Indiana, United States
Review of "About You" by r2dj 4.0
I was surprised to hear a really good song after that scale intro. But I'm impressed, the mix was good, the vocals were engaging. I'm happy.
British Columbia, Canada
Review of "About You" by bermudo 3.5
RE: Not Bad
I think the song has a lot of good elements that would make for a good tune. I would spend more time mastering out the sound. Overall, 3.5 stars.
Florida, United States
Review of "About You" by vindanna 4.0
About You
This song has a pop rock/punk rock sound. The production of this song is fine. The vocals match with the style of this tune. I like the guitar lead guitar and beat. I like the hook, it has potential to capture the listener. I would recommend this song to punk rock listeners and think this song has potential to becoming a hit.

Great job, keep the good work
California, United States
So Far Away
Review of "So Far Away" by ospatroes 4.5
so far away
very good song!!
melodic but still punk!!
in fact, the voice reminds me of nofx , but just a little!!
great guitar tone, drums kinda social distortion, but with personality!!
I really like it!!
let´s rock!!
Review of "So Far Away" by timberwolf 3.0
Review of "So Far Away" by TIMBERWOLF
To me this reminds me a bit of "early" Beatles {like the harmony of Lennon/McCartney in the Revolution days.} Not sure I would call it "typical punk"...just an upbeat modern rocker to me. {But nowadays genres are very "cross-over-ish" anyway. There are so many extra genres, sub-genres, etc. that it's really hard to define.}

But the overall production was good, and the lyrics didn't get lost in the musical mix which is a plus. Probably good enough for hit potential in the right market.

Keep on rockin'

Southern New Mexico/USA
Alabama, United States
Review of "So Far Away" by BazukaMan 4.5
very good
simply good punk song!!!
Review of "So Far Away" by playitsafe 4.0
So Far Away
You're voice reminds me a little bit of Fat Mike from NOFX, but I wouldn't really call this a "Punk" song. Nevertheless, it is a catchy tune and I haven't listened to any of your other songs yet but I am sure they are just as good. I don't know what you could do to make it better... I would probably like it more if it was a faster tempo, but slow songs are good too, especially if all your other songs are fast. Keep up the good work guys.
Maine, United States
Review of "So Far Away" by soulampmindproductions 4.0
So far Away.
This is a Great Punk song taking me back a few years!

Trust me! that is a good thing.

I cant remember the last really good punk rock song I heard in the last few years.

Well my prayers have been answered with this artist.

Tim Tully I commend you!!!

Keep the movement alive. Your material is awesome enough to get into mainstream ventures. And I for one, am really looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your strong sound and character.

I have given a 4Star**** review for this track - and I firmly believe that a lot more is to come.

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