Artist Feedback (3 song) Master

Name: Tim Tully Listing # S070116AP

Title: So Far Away

The power pop comes through immediately on this track, Tim. The vocals bark and bite and bring a clear reading of the message tossing out emotion like breathing. The power chords bring lots of support for the rhythm section. Any way to bring in a musical hook that can work in conjunction (and support of) the vocals and big lyrical hooks?

Title: Dream About You

Another vocal assault that will demand attention from listeners. The message that the voice wrings out is simple and consistent. The vocals bring out the intensity hinted at in the wording and with the power of the voice their is no question about sentiments. A great big lyrics hook.

Rock/Pop in a Power Pop feel and tone.


Overall Comments:
Your songs cook, Tim, and move forward like a freight train. The vocal intensity works in perfect tandem with the power of the instrumentation. As I mention, for Pop categories one key ingredient is the musical hook. That can come in the form of a simple, memorable note progression that can exist throughout the track with persistence and subtly in one. The power of "Dream About You" is almost physical. By bringing in a simple, memorable musical hook that track can build on its promise of Power Pop by the inclusion of that simple note progression.

Sound Quality:
Well - Recorded
Not great, but clean enough for this listing
Too much distortion
Drums/percussion sound stiff and/or mechanical
Instrumentation sounds too synthetic

Sound recording is well produced and delivered.

Listener ID # 216


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