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So Far Away
Band: Tim Tully
Genre: Pop Rock (Power Pop)

Here we go!
Reminiscent of the early Beatles, the vocals are a cross of "Twist and Shout" and any punk singer(ie Green Day) with that "sneer" quality to his delivery. Well constructed and arranged, I could see this track ending up on a soundtrack of a National Lampoon movie.
- davidscottjack from Brighton, Michigan

Here we go, Gig-tastic stuff
I bet the girls just love this! Gig-tastic stuff. Teen Rock/pop - "Like a holiday, whenever you come to town"

Energy, guitar, sweat, drummers wearing no shirt, if nobody stage dives I'll be pissed, and the singer should really leap from the speakers during the solo.

I had a good time too!
- nigelnisbet from Studio City, California
Off it
I am reminded of "no matter what you do" by Badfinger...done more punk though.
The guitar is real hard rockin with good tone.
There are vocal harmonies throughout, that makes it enjoyable.
The sound is a little muddy, thats the only bad thing I can say.
- Myblues from Grand Rapids, Michigan

feel good song
good job, im from o.c and this music is whats hot right now. deff, in the local sceen. i dig how you guys start right away and dont make us wait for half the song to roll on by before the vocals come in... the guitars sound great good tone. all the music was clear. easy to listen to. the singer sounds great. not trying to hard. not showboating. thats never a good thing... over all i give it a 9 out of ten.. the girls are going to love it...
- dhammock76


i feel the energy this song puts out, singer seems to love what he does, the whole band is just really together, harmonies are great, good song
- lee_ramirez7 from Victoria, Texas

Rock my pyjamas this band has turned it up to eleven. My speakers a trembling. Nice backing vocals.Its nice to have some energy. The production levels are very good.I can just picture the video now.Heads moving. Lead break is okay maybe loses a litTle of the energy when maybe it should raise the bar a little more with the rest of the band. Or go a little left field and suprize the hell out of us. At the moment its just their.
But yeah this is cool. Good timing 3.20 great for Radio. This song doesnt sound likt its your best and I'm sure you could really come up with something special, you have the talent!
- Ammp from New Zealand
Beatles On Steriods
Love this style! Perfect power pop -- roaring guitars, catchy melodies, brilliant harmonies. Great, head-bobbing beat. Cool guitar solo (with harmonies). The production sounds heavy and modern, yet captures elements great old 60's recordings too. Actually, I think this is what the Beatles would sound like on steroids...and I guess that means steriods CAN be a good thing. P.S. - The song just ended, and the "here we go" hook is stuck in my head. That says "hit" to me...
- StevenNYC from New York
Here we go....Great Power pop!
This is a great song and I'm getting it. I like the way the lyrics are written, the structure is very solid and it's fun and upbeat...we can beat the world! Amazing that this is a break up song??? Love the solo, very simple, tone is great! This could be the sound track for a movie, great pop/punk vocals with a movie theme type message...somebody sign these guys!
- C5quared from Houston, Texas
"Way" cool!
What a rush of pop n roll! From the first crack of the snare I was riveted. British invasion vocals with a modern punk spice,big Bonham drums,a wall of guitars that would make Rick Neilson gush with pride,hooks that scream "HIT RECORD!",and a goofy twin guitar solo!You're on your way.
- harrygore from Richmond, Virginia
Beatles 21st century style
I love the vocals on this. They are very reminiscent of the Beatles. Harmony is great and the lead vocalist sings just on the edge matching the band perfectly. The lyrics start out strong, but then become a too repetitive for me. I had trouble finding the chorus and bridge. Was it "here we go"or "goodbye little girl?" The guitar and drums are awesome, but during the rif before the last verse I lost the bass and heard a lot of repetition. I'd love to hear this song again after you have worked on it. Stay with it, you are definitely on to something!
- alicebishop from Dfw, Texas
Have your way!
I like the vocalist's angry sort of vibe as he sings a love song....I think that's what makes this song interesting. Definitely has a captivating vibe... nice job.
- NYCO from Chicago, Illinois
Bouncy and energetic
The song fairly blasts out the speakers at you, in a bright and energetic fashion.

It is a bombastic rock song favoured by bands such as sum 41, foo fighters etc.

THe musicians all play their instruments servicing the song rather than providing flashy fills or riffs culminating in a good solo.

The production is clean and I can hear all the thuds, rythmn and chord changes.

Now to the song I feel it is a bit one dimensional, there is not a lot of variation between the verses and chorus. It needs a bit of diversity to make the song more appealing.

THe vocalist has a nice raspy voice that is suited tot his type of music.

Overall a good song and Im sure they have stronger material.
- bigclaw from London, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Fun sounding tune
For some reason i can picture Sesame Street puppets dancing to this song lol Its loud but not intimidating at all.Music is tight and i love the piano sounding guitar solos.Wish i knew what gear and effects are being used to create that sound.Cool fun song
- shane_jaggard from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Modern times
Ok, we all know it's formulaic writing and last time I checked---it's what's now in modern music. These guys studied the book of modern songwriting and got good grades. They execute by the book and that unfortunately means they're definitely not original in their thinking. But, the good news is...they could play on the same stage with any of these signed bands and hold their own. Hey if it's not know the rest. Hoo raa.
- BCPriest from Tucson, Arizona
Good rythm section

Good rythm, with terrific bass and drum work.
Lyrics average. Yet it is reminiscent of The Beatles in that the song captures a feeling of innocence.

Overall, the production balance is in place with strong melodic hook. Melody can be heard well as it weaves through the rythm sections.
- jemmuzik from Los Angeles, California

The rhythm guitar sounds pretty good (maybe use some variety in effects for some diversity). The song has a good beat. I think the song wouldn't be too bad after a little more work. I wouldn't mind listening to it again.
- robpitts_99 from Gautier, Mississippi
Very cool jam out song. Great pop-punk sound to it. It is very fun to listen to and the vocals are very cool.
- ABCatastrophe from Dyess Afb, Texas
i get it not a bad gig a tight band everybody seems to be on there game
- jwolos from Rochester Hills, Michigan
Here We Go
Energetic, sunny feel--in that post green day kind of way. Strong danceable feel, okay melody; vocals don't get in the way. Drums strong; not very original, but does that matter?
- cstroffo from Unspecified
Holidays are always good!
The vocals could be sung a little more, not screamed. And deffinently some backup vocals would help. The lyrics are very original. The individual parts hold there own, not to much of one thing. The guitar solo impressed us as a whole.
- Karbonkutt from Clyde, Ohio
sound goos
good beat good vocal nice upbeat song good melody keep up the good work you should do good
- KillTheCat from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Not bad.
The theme is a little too generic - not much to grab the listener emotionally. The music is pretty tight. Decent tones on the instruments and the vocals. Harmonies are occasionally a little off pitch, nothing terrible for the style, though. Catchy melody. Overall, I'd give it a B-.
- thesequels from Cincinnati, Ohio
The fun starts right from the beginning. Production is excellent. Snappy beat that holds your attention. I actually understood the lyrics. Vocals are clear and powerful. Congratulations. Keep up the good work. The strings arrangements are one of the best that I have had the opportunity to listen and rate. Lead guitar ----- Rocks. I thought this song was great. Write more music like this and you are on your way.
- cyber1369 from San Diego, California
Where's the change?
Really good energy but the song didn't change enough for me. The guitar sound was very good but it remained the same with very similar chords all the way through.

The main idea is good but with some form of change in the middle or just some kind of break from the same pattern then that idea would come back in with a lot more force..

The Intro is good + brings you right into the song very quickly. I'd probably hold back a bit in the verse so the chorus comes in stronger in comparison...
- JulesLopez from London, United Kingdom
good stuff
i like the sound. its mix between suicide machines and goldfinger. i like the lyrics. kindve anti-realationship. very original. keep up the good work. hope this was review was useful. rock on.
- mainstreetminority from Chicago, Illinois
The song has good energy, but there was not alot of variation in the melody. Most bands that do well in this post-punk kinda genre have sick melodies. The song could use some of that variety.
- wushu from Toms River, New Jersey
power pop-rock
Good song which i think it would sound even better live.
Some few changes will make it a killer track!Well,lets not say changes(kind of scary!)but improvement.
The vocals is good for this kind of music and with more practise you can add a little more melody in the endings of the words.
The guitar could have a very small change in the sound(a little less distortion maybe or a flanger fx).No need to change the melody,it's very good.The only part that you can use more fantasy is the solo.Not something complicated(a bend or a slide,a few more notes).
Drums sound good and you can use a little more imagination there.
Put a few more work in this song(in fact work-out the details,not the structure)and i'm sure that it would be very radio-friendly and a great live song.
Keep-up the good work!
- kostaspanagioti from Greece
very cool for a pop song I like the voice of this band vwery coewl I only hate it when a guitar use only 5 or 6 chords sorry but further.. cool song
- dividedbyhearts from Netherlands
One-two-three-four chords and lotsa energy!
Straightforward, short and sweet, few chords and you guys give all you've got! Easy band to like, because you play it simple, honest and with energy. The simplicity, in particular, is what I like. The guitar solo is kind of childish and suddenly becomes double, which is very funny. This music makes me smile!
- Baunen from Oslo, Norway
just another typical punkrock song like a thousand other bands do - sorry, but this ones definitely too boring - also the fat guitarsound can't help you out there.
- raffputin from Switzerland
Rocket start
off we go! its a real scorcher,, very sex pistols but a bit more melodic. I like the guitar solo its a nice followable melody thats quite happy sounding . i really like the goodbye little girl bit its very nice melody.
- crostofor from United Kingdom
Nice Job
I like the pop/rock heavy thing going on.I like the parts overall.The drums are frickin aweseom. The vocals are kicking serious *&%$.Id like to hear a chorus . "here we go " insted of halftime go to a tom thing and anthem it out. Other than that the solo it well done , overall nice job on the song.
- regardingjack from Unspecified
the volume is up, the production values have increased. you guys are rocking.Nice chorus. You guys must be pretty big somewhere.
- Ammp from New Zealand
Solid Rock Performance
A well recorded and sweetly performed tune. I like the style and feel of this track a lot.

However, the song doesn't have much to say at all, with only one listening I was pretty let down. Has a lot of predictable chord patterns, no surprises, and the lyrics fall in suit. Here we This good of a band (and singer, I might add) need more substance in their message.

I challenge you: what is your heart and soul saying? Make it happen in the next song you write.

I again mention the quality vocals, both lead and harmony. Outstanding job.
- jdouglas from Maplewood, Missouri
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