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I'm Not Sorry
Band: Tim Tully
Genre: Pop Rock (Power Pop)

im not sorry...
chord progression at beginning was cool and a little different. The song progresses and hits a memorable hook and quickly gets back to business as the song rolls part to part. The middle section got a little weird as far as the progressions of the chords. but it got a lot better as you made a really neat way to come back into the chorus. I liked this song!
- TheNewMe from Unspecified
vocals sound very simple plan emo-ish
pop punk as does the rest of the music ...... the mixture of back and lead vocals sounds pretty good together toward the end of the song ... kinda reminds me of a barber shop quartet .... lyrics are very un-original and cliched ...... guitars meld well with each other and go well with the rest of the music. the bridge is also pretty good ....i really liked the little drum fill amongst it ......overall its not my taste but is ok for what it is......the only real problem i see is that its a little to repititive
- goth_kid7666 from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
this song has potential. i liked the overall feel of this one. the duel vocals came out nice. this is definately a pop punk song, which makes me happy. alot of people apparently dont know the differance between rock and punk. but you are not one of those undesirables. good luck.
- barnacastle from Springdale, Pennsylvania
Really Blink 182!
I feel a heavy Blink 182 influence on this one. The intro has solid pop punk chords and drums, which is always good to hear. The verses are solid, but the singer seems unwilling to use his full potential. I think the band might have a better sound if he didn't try to use a nasally voice. The harmonies in this song are done very well and are easily one of the best parts of the song. The synth also adds a nice touch. Not a bad song
- SUVburner from Novi, Michigan
I like everything about this song. I was really excited on hearing the intro, then the vocals kicked in and I felt a little dissapoionted, but a further 30 odd seconds later I realised they weren't as bad as I thought they were gonna be and they fitted in quite well with the rest of this song.
You've kept it pretty simple but it's not too long for such a repetitive song, and it all works. Wikkid good work guys x
- dearacetate from Watford, Herts, United Kingdom
I like the layered guitars more than I do the poppy, cheeky vocal delivery and super-poppy song arrangement. It's a well constructed but nothing you haven't heard before, complete with ohh and ahh backup vocals.
- thepayoff from Birmingham, Alabama
Emo-Sex Pistols?
I appreciate this music, and everything it stands for. I appreciate you guys as well, but the vocals surely are a little frustrating, but the wierd harmonies keep me very interested in what else the vocals pull out. I was easily a victim of change of heart, and have found you guys amazing. Keep up the good work and never stop the rock.
- Jasonh2n from Austin, Texas
Hi there
I really like the vocals and chorus. Tight, energetic and a cathy melody/chorus. The production could need some more bass/punch in the bottom. Rock on!
- Pausefiskene from Oslo, Norway
Punk review
Ohh the guitars groove of course the voice is a bit in far in the mix, the song has a nice mood and i think the lead vocals should work a bit harder, more feeling, but you can go far guys!
- I_MIND from The Hague, Netherlands
Pretty good
this song is pretty good...i like the vocals and the guitar... the balance is good and i like the lyrics

- heyupunk740 from Galveston, Texas
In the big basket!
This song is catchy and has energy and nice vocal harmonies, but in the exact same way as so many other bands. What is cool about this song is the drum break in the middle. Excellent drumming!

Apart from that, I think this is an okay rock tune that goes into a big basket alongside other bands sounding exactly the same. I think with such a good drummer you guys could do some more rythmical experiments in your music as a way to distinguish yourselves from all these other bands. 'Cause you clearly have the skills okay!
- Baunen from Oslo, Norway

playful players!
so good! a touch of greenday...but with it's own thing. the production is great! clean, tight mix, great drum sounds in particular! the song is catchy and too the point. performances are also dynamite! you guys sound like you must a blast live. good luck!!
- RubberBiscuit from New York

Of al the things...
I like the electric guitar driving the song, as it really keeps it moving. The drum solo is very cool. I also like the harmonies. The lead vocalhits some flats here and there but I honestly think it fits the song...the I can see myself turning this up if I heard it come on the radio. Nive sharp ending.
- meredithgould from Nashville, Tennessee
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