Artist Feedback (3 song) Master

Name: Tim Tully Listing # S061011AR

Title: Dream About You

The opening of this track brings a Power Pop feel into this track reminiscent of bands such as Cheap Trick and The Knack. The feeling maintains a strong presence throughout this song. Good use of lyrical and musical hooks.

Title: Can You Tell Me

Another power Pop gem! You have a Great feel for the structure and larger than life persona that makes up the borders of Power Pop tracks, Tim. Your songs have a life and presence that moves beyond their three minutes in the world.

Title: So Far Away

Your hooks are once again infectious from the get-go on this track, Tim. The elements come together beautifully and create a powerful backdrop for your vocals.

Overall Comments:
there is a simplicity in the melody line and lyrics of these songs that it perfect for the form and mood created by the arrangement. Though simply put together these songs will also enjoy a long life within the memory of listeners. Good hooks both musical and lyrical. The high quality vocals spit truth and advice into the passionate telling of these tales. To my ears, your songs are more in a Power Pop format in the vein of bands such as Fountains of Wayne, Butch Walker and OK Go. Those bands bring music to the world that drips with a Pop feel.

Sound Quality:
Well - Recorded
Not great, but clean enough for this listing
Too much distortion
Drums/percussion sound stiff and/or mechanical
Instrumentation sounds too synthetic

Sound recording is well developed, produced and delivered.


Note: The comments and numerical scores on this sheet are meant as helpful, objective information and are not used to determine whether or not a tape should be forwarded. Each listing has unique criteria and submissions are considered with those in mind. This is just one person's opinion, albeit an informed one. There are many informed opinions on any given work. So, pro or con, don't let it change your life! TAXI, 1992, 1996, 2002