5 out of 5 stars Excellent high energy pop/rock CD. Pick up a copy today!
Reviewer: Xavier P. (for RadioIndy)   (click for website)
Tim Tully’s powerful punk-pop/rock debut “The Tim Tully Show” will surely attain critical acclaim and raving reviews! Gripping electric guitar hooks combined with passionate, Green Day reminiscent vocals give these songs a fun-filled punk edge that is highly contagious! “So Far Away” and “Can You Tell Me” will turn heads with their electrifying electric guitar openings, catchy melodies, and jump-up-and-down vibe! Simply put, these tunes are built for rockin’ live shows! Moreover, each of these songs are cleverly crafted with memorable, youthful lyrics about love, life, and fun! Professional quality production puts the finishing touches on this hit-saturated CD! Followers of Green Day and Simple Plan, be sure to tune into the all-new “The Tim Tully Show” and feast your ears on some amazing new high energy punk/pop anthems!